Born and raised in the small town of Otter Lake, Québec, Sébastien Beaudoin has always had the soul of an artist. From a very young age, people were able to recognise his talent and his passion for creating works of art. The mediums he used were mostly pencil drawings and oil pastel. However, after taking an Arts program in college which specialised in pottery, he was hooked!

From then on, he set out to establish his own workshop and develop his personal style of pottery. The journey was long, but worth the wait! By using local clay, he was able to come up with a product that is unique and not found anywhere else in the world. The passion he feels for this medium definately shines through in his work and his teaching. He effectivly combines his beleifs in Druidry, his love for ancient belief systems and ways of life and his personal values creating astonishing pieces that reflect all of these things.

But creating beautiful and functional works of art are not his only talent. Sébastien has a natural knack for sharing his knowledge with others. Students are always suprised at what they learn, not just in pottery, but in other aspects of life. But anyone who knows Sébastien knows he's always full of suprises!


Sébastien has been learning and practicing Druidry for over 10 years, both publicly and privately. He is recognised as an official druid with the Reformed Druids of North America. Sébastien has written numerous texts and many essays on his own druidic practices and is very active within the international druidic community. If one was to describe his druidic way of life, one would say that he is very mystical in his approach, contemplative and down to earth; always connecting to the land and to his own inner spirit through prayer or meditation.

You can without a doubt come across him talking to birds, insects, plants and to the land. You may even find him alone in nature, meditating, praying or burning sacred herbs into the wind.

However, Sébastien druidic devotion and work is mostly found in his pottery. He has dedicated his pottery shop to his druidry. Because of this, his pottery shop has become known to many as place where one enters into a different world; a world of peace, contemplation, inspiration, imagination and discovery.

To learn more about Sébastien and to be informed of upcoming events, visit his Facebook group.



"We all know that the Egyptians understood the sacred nature of pottery through their depiction of the god Ptah as a potter. I think the Celts and the Druids would have believed potters, like blacksmiths, performed a sacred function in the community. I am sure the fact that Sébastien is a potter and a Druid is no accident!"

Philip Carr-Gomm
Chief Druid - OBOD


"Sébastien is a kindred spirit, and I am overjoyed to know him as a friend and spiritual brother. I first came across his work while browsing the website of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He was one of the very first fellow 'Christo-Druids' I'd come across. Immediately I warmed to his story and his elegant way of using words - so much so that I invited him to contribute an essay to my new book The Path of The Blue Raven. I was delighted that he agreed and was overjoyed with what he submitted - a hauntingly beautiful description of his own spiritually which is steeped in the deep and all-embracing Christian mythology as well as being fully plugged into the nature based and magical spirituality of Druidry. Sébastien uses the 'gifts of the gods' to not only express his journey through words but, primarily, through rich and real, rustic pottery. I live on the other side of the Ocean so I have not had the privilege of actually holding a piece of his hand crafted art, but I can see - from the photographs - what treasures they are. Not only that, such prayerfully created clay pottery is a symbol in itself... a profound symbol of transfiguration. Clay is, after all, simply dirt / mud / earth from the ground. It is what true Christianity sees as divine, and what Drudiry calls our Mother. So visit, Sébastien, and take hold of a piece of his 'transfigured earth' and, if you feel as connected to it as I'm certain you will, then purchase it and take it home, and may it be for you a symbol of your own earthy and transfigured beauty."

Mark Townsend - Priest, Magic, Druid.
Magic of Soul